That a textile is practical means that it has to be boring? NOT AT ALL!!

A clear example is the catalog of textiles that you can see in L’Atelier by Penoukos-Staging which are not only practical and of great resistance, but they will also wear color and elegance your property.


Depending on the type, L'Atelier by Penoukos-Staging can give a completely renewed air to it through curtains, cockpit cushions and solarium cushions, tablecloths and napkins, bedding, ... a whole world of changes at your fingertips.




In the case of the terraces, that magical place that we can enjoy for much of the year, thanks to the wonderful Mediterranean climate, L'Atelier by Penoukos-Staging can help you innovate the appearance of that space and your garden furniture thanks to new cushions , covers, tablecloths, sunbeds, awnings ... once finished, the sense of sight will be the first that will make us vibrate with that new experience.




They may not be flying like those of Aladdin but that does not mean they do not have MAGICAL PROPERTIES, from giving life to a neutral floor, to unifying the furniture of a room or giving a more natural and Mediterranean touch, CARPETS can be an element essential when creating a new environment. Its wide variety of styles, as well as designs and materials (Polyester, Acrylic, Cotton, Chenille, Wool, Jute ...) mean that there is ALWAYS a suitable Carpet for each room and time of the year in which it is required, sure that We found that IDEAL FOR YOU.